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Get a quote on your new web project!

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Search Marketing (SEO)

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Fix Existing Google Penalties
  • Claim Local Pages
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Metrics & Reporting

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our organic search marketing service focuses on the local, regional, and national markets. We start with a comprehensive consultation and site review. We then work with you to identify the top performing keyword phrases, and we perform a competitive analysis for your industry. Then we jump in and aggressively optimize and promote your website using approved, best practices techniques both on and off your website. We help your website to climb in the rankings, and then we work monthly to improve and defend your positions.


We optimize your website by identifying and fixing existing Google penalties, and then submit the site for re-inclusion into Google’s index. Then we rewrite meta tags, and we fix and optimize incorrect URL structures and page headings. We optimize existing content and then we develop new, highly optimized content and create and submit a Google sitemap. We will also develop off-page postings each month and reinforce those postings with multiple tier backlinks back to your website as well as optimized social media referencing. 

Local Listings

In the last three years, Google saw a 200% increase in “near me” and “nearby” searches. This is a clear indication that the searches are of a hyperlocal intent. Google refers to these searches as “I-Want-to-Go moments.” In other words, the searcher is looking for a very local business and they intend to call or visit that business right away and spend their hard-earned money.  It’s not enough to only manage your brand on your website. In this hyperlocal environment, your important business data needs to be cited across the Internet ecosphere, and it needs to be consistent and correct. Properties like Yelp, SuperPages, City Search, and dozens of the most popular local directories and destinations are vitally important because they feed Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If your data is inconsistent or missing on these hyperlocal properties, you will suffer the consequences in the three major search engines. We’ll get you listed where you’re not, and we’ll make sure you’re correctly listed where you currently are, and then we’ll continue to monitor your brand and listings across all of the properties that the search engines rely on. We’ll give Google, Yahoo, and Bing every reason in the world to rank your website high in the local search marketplace. 

Climb & Defend

Our  “Climb & Defend” program is designed to produce consistent promotion and lift, and to perpetually defend and improve top rankings for your target keyword phrases. Because landing on page one of Google’s search result pages is generally the result of a sustained campaigns over several months, we will perform both On-Page and Off-Page SEO on an ongoing basis.  

Metrics & Reporting

We’ll analyze your website metrics in order to adjust and tailor our optimization efforts on your website. We deliver comprehensive reports to your email and also available on-demand, 24/7 so you can easily track and analyze your search engine rankings. We’ll also integrate your reports with Google Analytics. You get deep insight into your website traffic and marketing achievements.