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Running a business in Bucks County isn’t like running a business anywhere else. There’s an atmosphere and a character to Bucks that’s like no other place in the world. Just ask anyone from Doylestown or New Hope or Lahaska; to know the place is to love it.

Which is why it’s important for Bucks County businesses to seek out a web design firm that knows the area. Sure, in some ways, web design in Bucks County is just like web design anywhere else in the world. There are technical issues to worry about — things like servers and software frameworks and web APIs, things that you hire the experts to worry about so you don’t need to worry about yourself. But web design in Bucks County carries with it a set of responsibilities. Good Bucks County web designers know the region in a way that outside firms might not.

When you’re interviewing potential designers to build your company’s website, ask them how much they know about these aspects of Bucks County:

The Neighborhoods

Bucks County has a diverse array of neighborhoods spread across the economic spectrum and ranging in character from urban to rural. A good deal of Bucks County borders the city of Philadelphia, so places like Bensalem have an urban feel to them. But Bucks County also shares a border with Montgomery County, one of the richest counties in Pennsylvania, so its character is more suburban and wealthy. And much of the county’s interior is rural, full of family farms and tiny boroughs. Your web design firm should know the lay of the land before building your website.

The People

The people of Bucks County are as diverse as its neighborhoods. With a population of just over 600,000 people, the area is populous but not densely populated. With a rate of home ownership higher than the rest of Pennsylvania, much of Bucks is the kind of place where people set down roots; many of the county’s renters are situated close to the Philadelphia border. The county has a higher rate of professionals than many other Pennsylvania counties; many Bucks Countians commute to Philadelphia or even New York City for work. About six percent of the people living in Bucks County emigrated from a foreign country; most of the people who end up in Bucks County stay their whole lives.

The Local Government

Bucks County business owners need to know about local government regulations, including zoning and licensing for various activities. When contracting website design in Bucks County, it’s important to find someone who’s knowledgeable about how the county commissioners, city council members and various township supervisors operate. Hiring a web design firm from outside the county might mean talking to someone who doesn’t speak your language.

The Business Landscape

Perhaps the most important aspect of hiring a web design firm in Bucks County is finding one who knows about the economic layout of the area. That means more than just networking; it means maintaining a good picture of what businesses are out there, and who might be competing with whom. It means knowing chambers of commerce, economic development organizations, and small business partnerships.

You might find a web design firm outside Bucks County with the right technical know-how. You might find one with an impressive roster of clients. But when you’re doing business in Bucks County, it’s important to avail yourself of the services of a web design firm with a firm grip on the local playing field. It’s easy to find a firm that can build a website to serve your needs. Finding one that can serve your needs locally, and one whose staff is well-versed in the unique culture of Bucks County.