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Get a quote on your new web project!

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Custom Web and Cloud-based Business Applications

Web, Cloud-based, Software as a Service (Saas) software development in Philadelphia and suburbs: Bucks and Montgomery County

Web based software and applications—also commonly called “cloud based”, or “Software as a Service (Saas)”, refers to software that isn’t downloaded or installed to a computer. Instead, the software is fully accessible online via a web browser. Think of what happens when you login to your bank’s website to pay bills. You are engaging in using cloud-based software.

We help businesses from startups to enterprises automate key processes in their business by building custom web-based application software. The software is fully responsive for 100% compatibility with all platforms and devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone). So, if you’re still managing key business processes by using complicated Excel spreadsheets or with installed desktop software, your business should very seriously consider the benefits of a custom web-based application.

Instant software updates

Keeping software up-to-date when it is installed locally on multiple desktop computer’s is a difficult scenario to manage. With a web-based software solution, there is no need to install updates or patches on each unit. Instead, updates and enhancements can easily be “pushed” from the cloud and be instantly available to all users. 

Accessible from any platform and any device

Web and cloud-based software runs on all platforms and devices whether PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, or smartphone (Android, Windows, or iOS). The software can also be configured to run while a device is offline.

Open source and integration with third party applications

The availability of open-source frameworks has greatly reduced development time making web and cloud-based software more affordable than ever. Further, we can integrate with your important existing third-party applications such as Quickbooks and other accounting, MRP and CRM software applications.