solutions for people, not users

You Drive Us

We aspire to dramatically increase the efficiency and productivity of our client’s organizations by leveraging the power of custom software, developed to optimize processes, procedures, and workflow, while bringing harmony to their software and technology infrastructure through the comprehensive integration of their business-critical and supporting-role software and systems. 

Since 1998, we have been passionately working to tip the scales of software technology in our client’s favor because we know that left unchecked, the blazing pace of technology often leaves even the most agile and forward-thinking businesses behind and on the road to software inefficiency and obsoletion. We will not allow that to happen on our watch.


We’re a highly motivated and effective team of technology-driven designers, developers, project managers, and IT software business analysts. Yes, we’re a relatively small team, but that shouldn’t turn you off. Lean is good. We don’t have a huge payroll and no one here is sitting around doing nothing. We’re insanely productive. We’ve worked with large companies and we’ve worked on large projects.  We understand well our capacity, including our velocity and bandwidth. And we do sometimes turn down projects. Therefore, know that if we work on your project, we will be all-in and laser-focused on your outcomes and success at launch and well beyond. We self-organize around the goals of each project. We value collaboration and teamwork, and we hunger for growth and improvement. We don’t consider what we do to be mere custom software development. We build software for people, not “users”. We aspire, with every project, and with every touch point both internal and external, to always put people first and at the center of the problem or opportunity. And so, to us, it’s a good day when we resolve major pain points for a client or leverage an opportunity through the development of custom software that has a dramatic and measurable effect on productivity and workflow and that reduces costs and increases revenue.


There are plenty of shops that develop custom software, but uneducated decisions without the full picture of your software and technology environment dramatically increases the likelihood of a failed software project. Our IT software business analysts are laser focused on being the “first on the scene” in order to analyze your entire technology infrastructure. Our holistic approach means that all of your business-critical software and systems work together. We start from that full-picture approach and we let that guide our decisions and recommendations on the perfect-fit solution for your business so that it solves the right problems and ensures that all of your business data is sharable, accessible and harmonized throughout your organization.