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Custom Software Applications

We help businesses from well-funded startups to large enterprises leverage software technology in order to streamline key business processes and improve workflow and productivity through custom cloud-based application software, integration of third-party software, development of back-end business workflow and database management systems.

The software is fully responsive for 100% compatibility with all platforms and devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone). Updates and enhancements can easily be “pushed” from the cloud and be instantly available to all users on all devices without any downtime. All of our services are covered from head to toe in our industry leading Total Managed Support program.

We’ve developed custom software projects for small local businesses as well as large Fortune 500 companies such as Pfizer and Hershey.

Workflow and Productivity Improvement

A standalone custom software solution, or one that integrates with your existing off-the-shelf business software can have a positive and dramatic effect on productivity and efficiency.  

Allow us to leverage our decades of experience to understand your business workflow and through targeted elicitation and deep-dive analysis, propose a software solution designed to drastically improve your workflow and productivity and save you time and money.


We build software with growth in mind. We understand that it is cost prohibitive to build a ton of functionality and capabilities into a v1.0 piece of software.

We also understand, however, that when the time comes to enhance the software with additional features, you will expect the software to be easily upgradable without requiring trashing or backing out code due to poor planning. We perform due diligence to understand your long-term vision for your software so that new features can be added cost effectively and without fuss.

Integration with existing third-party Software and Apps

The availability of open-source frameworks and APIs has greatly reduced development time making web and cloud-based software more affordable than ever.

We can integrate with your important existing third-party applications such as Quickbooks and other accounting, MRP and CRM software applications, as well as older legacy software and systems that your business cannot easily replace. Disjointed, and otherwise seemingly unrelated third-party off-the-shelf software can be married together harmoniously bridged with custom middleware giving your productivity an instant boost.


Modernization and Migration of Legacy Systems

If your team is wasting an inordinate amount of time working around the limitations of dated legacy software, we can perform an in depth feature analysis and improve or replace it.

Even older, dated software has value, especially if it has served your business well over the years. Allow us to review your legacy software and offer solutions to improve it, fix it, or to work with you to replace it with a more current iteration that includes a feature set that is relevant to your current business. 

Proof of Concepts

Do you have an idea that needs funding? 

Oftentimes a full-blown software application is overkill for the moment. We have experience in developing working proof-of-concept software applications, with minimal investment, that do just enough to wow funding partners and bring them on board.

SaaS Revenue Opportunities. From Idea to Launch

If you’ve developed an idea to service other businesses or the retail market with a web/mobile, subscription based application, we can help bring to market a revenue generating web/mobile application.

We have experience with all phases of the SaaS (Software as a Service) process including development of functional specs, UI design mockups, proof-of-concept prototypes as well as full-blown development and marketing.

Industry Knowledge and Experience

Leverage our multi-industry software experience. 

We have developed custom software including back-end workflow systems, ERPs/CRMs and database management systems as well as integrating custom software solutions with existing platforms and legacy systems for wide ranging industries including construction, drug, education, energy/utilities, farm, food, healthcare, law, local government, manufacturing, medical, non profits, packing, restaurant, retail, service, transportation, and unions.

Total Managed Support

We understand that custom web and cloud based software applications, by their nature, are necessarily highly functional and are often being used to run and manage complex business processes. We have experience in developing, deploying and supporting these types of mission-critical web applications. Our Total Managed Support program is a serious and comprehensive five point program designed and tested to ensure that your web/mobile application is fully protected and remains up and running and free from issues from the time it is deployed live and every day thereafter, 24/7/365. We even include some contingency for additional features and changes at no additional cost.

Let’s talk about your software project

Contact us today to get the conversation started. We’ll ask the important questions to understand your project and to be able to provide you with an accurate price quote. If you’re local, we’d also love to meet with you in person or via screen share to demo some of our completed custom software projects.

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    I think they like us!

    netStride was instrumental in helping us to completely revamp and reengineer many of our business processes through the development of a powerful custom web application that allows us to run key parts of our business including sales and inventory management. Additionally, we placed the design of our new website into their capable hands and they were able to see our vision through to a beautiful web presence that has allowed us to better serve our existing clients and to attract new ones.

    Tony Cygan
    A&A Machinery Moving, Inc.

    We had been running our business on the same Window’s based desktop software for more than a decade. It had served us well, but it had reached the end of its life. It was slow and cumbersome. netStride learned about our business and then develop a web-based, mobile-responsive order/invoicing/reporting software application that has streamlined our entire business processes. We’re now saving more than a full week each month and their ongoing support services have been impressive.

    Jon Sadler, President
    Sadler Products

    Our need for an easy-to-use public-facing, cloud-based software application was twofold. We wanted to better serve our dealers and sales reps by giving them access to real-time order tracking, and we wanted to reduce the time our administrative staff spent on fielding order status requests. netStride was able to exceed both of those objectives.

    Dawn Cular, Marketing Coordinator
    Garrett Liners

    We needed a robust online platform that would allow us to easily manage online training courses and would allow trade unions to participate in the entire education process (learning, testing, obtaining a certificate). netStride addressed all of our objectives though careful listening, detailed specifications, and an on-time, on-budget delivery.

    Maria Cesarone, Client Care Coordinator
    Allied Trades Assistance Program

    We performed an in-depth search for an off-the-shelf software solution to run our food manufacturing business, but to no avail. The products we considered were either too expensive or just didn’t do what we needed. We finally realized we needed a custom cloud-based software application in order to meet our objectives. netStride was able to really understand our complex business processes and gain our trust by developing a highly detailed functional spec. The resultant software package they developed has improved our efficiencies, and has allowed us to better serve our customers. Further, their support program has given us the peace of mind we need for running our business on mission critical software.

    Ryan Keenan, Isabelle’s Kitchen

    Our business relied on an outdated software application that was developed using technology that was more than two decades old. It was no longer able to run on any modern computer and so it was relegated to run on a lone computer in our office. The likelihood that the software would continue to become more and more unstable to the point of no return was causing a great deal of stress and anxiety. We were desperate and that’s when we turned to netStride. In a relatively short amount of time, they were able to understand the intricacies of our business and our daily operations and presented us with detailed specifications for a custom software application including screen mockups and functionality descriptions. The end result was a cloud-based and device friendly custom  developed software application with a gorgeous user interface that has proved to be above and beyond what we had expected. They also delivered on their promise to be able to extract all of our data from our legacy software system and migrate it into the new software. No other company was capable of delivering on that promise.

    Tim Rahill, Business Development
    General Partition Company