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Case Study: Order Status and Tracking Solution


  • Manufacturing


  • PHP
  • Database
  • Back-end

The Challenge

Our client, a designer and manufacturer of vinyl pool liners and safety covers, didn’t have a feasible way to manage the expectation of their dealers who were awaiting delivery of their vinyl liner and safety cover orders. Because each liner and cover is necessarily custom to fit a specific pool, the lead time was often extended especially during the busy pre-pool season. This invariably caused frustration because pool owners requested order status updates from their dealer, the dealer then requested order status updates from their sales rep, and the sales rep then requested order status updates from our client.  This resulted in an unnecessarily complex and time-consuming workflow just to obtain order information.

What We Did

We developed a custom cloud-based order tracking application that allowed dealers to view, in real time, their orders as they progressed through the various stages of design and manufacturing and through completion and shipping. The application also allows dealers the opportunity to make order changes depending on where the order is in the process. Additionally, the application gave visibility to each sales reps’ dealers and their order information.

The Result

The order tracking application significantly reduced the inbound order status queries from dealers and resulted in an immediate reduction in the time their administrative staff spent on fielding order status requests. Additionally, their sales reps became more productive because they were able to spend less time managing their dealer client’s expectations and more time on prospecting and grooming new leads.