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Case Study: ERP System For a Corrugated Partition Manufacturer


  • Manufacturing


  • PHP
  • Database
  • Back-end

The Challenge

Our client, a designer and manufacturer of corrugated box partitions, was running their business on the same Microsoft Access database software they implemented when they first moved from paper to computer in the early nineties. By the time they reached out to us, the software was only able to run on a single computer running a legacy version of Windows. Their workflow and productivity were suffering. Additionally, it was becoming more and more unstable and the high likelihood that the software would crash and become unusable was causing a great deal of stress and anxiety for upper management. This was compounded with their coming off of a year’s long unsuccessful attempt to replace the software with a solution that failed because, among other things, it did not allow them to migrate and have access to their more than twenty years of legacy customer data.

What We Did

Through a thorough analysis of their business processes and workflow we developed detailed functional specs including modeling all major screens in order to convey the optimal desired workflow of the new software solution. Additionally, we performed a deep-dive analysis and understanding of their existing legacy software system in order to be able to develop migration scripts that allowed our client to retain and have full access to their legacy customer data and purchase history on the new software application.  We delivered a cloud-based software application that automated their proposal management process and that allowed full management of all of their material profile data which resulted in the ability to easily perform global cost and pricing updates.

The Result

Our client reports that the custom software solution we implemented consistently results in a savings of up to two days per week per user. Additionally, the software application has allowed them to streamline many of their critical business processes which has allowed them to better serve their customers. Finally, the new software solution has eliminated the frustration their legacy system caused for their users resulting in happier and more productive employees.