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Case Study: Higher Education ERP


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  • PHP
  • Database
  • Back-end

The Opportunity

Our client had been running their wholesale fresh produce distribution business on an unsupported legacy desktop software application that was more than twelve years old. Overtime, the software became less stable and more unmanageable. Our relationship with this client spans almost two decades, so we were on the ground floor of the initiative to build a robust admin, faculty, and student portal to accommodate the various needs of a burgeoning graduate school. This included student application and course registration, faculty grading and classroom management, and administrative program and course development, scheduling, student management, degree and certificate management, tuition management and accounting and ledger administration..

What We Did

The custom ERP application we developed bridged the gap between school administrators and faculty and students. The Student Portal allows students to apply for admission, register for courses, manage their schedules, and access records including official transcripts and IRS forms. The Faculty Portal allows faculty to manage their students and advisees as well as to submit term grades. The Administrative Portal allows our client full-range ability to manage students, courses, schedules, admissions, faculty and provides general ledger accounting functionality.

The Result

This ongoing project has now spanned nearly two decades and the graduate school management ERP software that we developed and that continues to be enhanced is a robust package that offers our client and their students and faculty a single-point, end-to-end system to manage graduate school life. Additionally, the ERP data is shared to various other supporting-role business-critical software being used by the school.