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Case Study: LMS Training Portal for Trade Unions


  • Not-for-profit
  • Education


  • PHP
  • Database
  • Front-end, Back-end

The Opportunity

Our client is a leader in assisting trade unions to contain costs and improve service delivery for substance use disorder, mental health concerns and related issues to union members, retirees and dependents. For years, they provided in-person training throughout the Philadelphia region. An online training portal would allow them to better serve the unions and their members with turnkey on-demand training.

What We Did

Once it was determined that a commercial off-the-shelf software system was not going to be adequate to address the unique needs and processes for our client, we developed a versatile system that allows the client to easily create new training programs including integration with video as well as outcomes-based assessments and completion certification. The mobile-friendly front-end allows union members immerse themselves in a training certification program and to track their training progress from sign-up to assessment to certificate issuance. 

The Result

Our client saw a measurable increase in enrollment and participation which allowed trade unions all over the country to better serve their members.  This success was compounded during the Covid pandemic when they were able to continue to offer their training programs. Additionally, the training portal has allowed our client to be more productive and to concentrate their efforts on developing more training programs. Further, the ability to manage the entire training experience through an intuitive back-end user interface allowed our client to button up their entire offline training process. And likewise, from the trade union perspective, union leaders are able to streamline the training process for their members.