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Case Study: Payment Portal for Trade Unions


  • Grocery
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution


  • PHP
  • Database
  • Back-end

The Challenge

Our client is the benefit funds management organization for the operating engineers trade union. Both union members and union employers were paying dues manually via check. Their software technology infrastructure included a legacy AS/400 system that handled their back-end accounting. Payments made manually had to be manually synched to their AS/400 system and then reconciled manually with their bank. 

What We Did

Working with their AS/400 vendor and their bank, we mapped out the process flows and developed a customer-facing portal that allowed our client’s union employers and members to login and through a handoff with their AS/400 system be validated and then proceed through the process of paying specific invoices through ACH in real time. The process concludes with the payment portal system validating the successful completion of the ACH with the bank and then sending a status to the AS/400 system to close the loop on the process. 

The Result

The streamlined process offered by the customer portal successfully bridged three distinct systems giving which improved our client’s workflow and productivity while also providing their customers with a value-added service that makes paying their bills easier.