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Custom Software Solutions Are More Affordable Than Ever. Here’s Why

The dominance of cloud-based software should be cause for all businesses, especially those still running legacy software applications to at least take a step back and to honestly assess whether their current software technology is adequate. The good news is that custom software development isn’t automatically complex and expensive—when it’s done right.

Trends in software development brings custom software within reach for all businessesBuilding custom software the old way is costly

Custom software created from scratch can include the features customers will want, but it is expensive to hire a developer to create a completely from-scratch custom software. In the past, this has meant that a lot of businesses had to rely on off-the-shelf commercial software that didn’t always do exactly what they wanted or needed. However, that is changing, as the current trends favor a much more lean approach to custom software development. This helps streamline the process and reduce the cost of creating custom software.

APIs and code libraries help reduce time to create and cost

APIs or application programming interfaces are protocols, routines, and tools that are designed for building applications. Most apps have an API that will help them communicate with other software, and in the coming years, new APIs are expected to be created to help do a lot of the work for software. Instead of creating custom code for software applications, developers can use existing APIs and get the same result. That means less work to do to develop software, but the customization can still be there.

Software can still be custom without coding everything from scratch

With APIs, it’s possible to create a custom software application without doing all of the customizations that are traditionally needed. The APIs can be used in the development to handle certain tasks the software will do. Other features of the software may still be coded with custom code, but the majority of the work will be handled by APIs that are pretty much plug and play. Custom software will still be created and used, but they won’t be as hand-coded and expensive as they have traditionally been in the past.  

The Agile Factor

In Agile software development, the early and continuous delivery of valuable software is the ultimate goal. Agile allows interaction by stakeholders at each iteration or sprint of a software project before the final release. Done right, Agile improves the speed and quality of software development releases.

Why this is beneficial for businesses

When software can be developed faster and doesn’t require as much effort, it benefits businesses. The software can be created faster, so the business can start using it to entice new customers and encourage repeat business right away. On top of that, since the developer doesn’t have to create as much custom code, the software will necessarily cost less. This means more businesses can afford to have custom software created.