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The Benefits of Custom Management Software for Restaurants

Restaurant owners go into the business to prepare amazing meals for patrons. They wish to make a profit while doing so, but many find it is difficult to earn a living while meeting their desired objectives. They struggle to manage orders, establish staff schedules and tasks, control the inventory to ensure food does not go to waste, and more. A point-of-sale restaurant management program can be of great help with these tasks and others.

Restaurant management software aids in ensuring the smooth operation of a dining establishment. This point-of-sale application is created specifically for the foodservice industry. Like other standard POS systems, the one designed for eateries helps owners capture transactions while managing their inventory. It does so with great accuracy to allow the everyday processes to run more efficiently.

How can one go about finding the right program for his or her establishment? With so many to choose from, this process may seem overwhelming. There are certain things a business owner should look for when selecting a program of this type.

Why is a Restaurant Management Software Program Needed?

When comparing the options, the first thing a restaurant owner must understand is that he or she needs a program designed for eating establishments. A general POS system is not sufficient when it comes to meeting the needs of a restaurant. Foodservice businesses have unique requirements that the program will not address.

A good example of this is the ingredients and how they are handled by the POS program. The standard program won’t allow for ingredient-level inventory, such as letting a restaurant owner know when he or she is down to the last clove of garlic. Restaurant owners must maintain strict control of their inventory to ensure they can meet the needs of customers without wasting expensive food. The restaurant management software helps them to do so.

Another benefit of using a program designed specifically for restaurants is the system may run on portable devices. Wait staff can take orders and ensure the information is delivered to the kitchen before they ever leave the customer’s side. These are only a few of the many ways in which a program of this kind will greatly benefit a restaurant.

What Features Should Be Included in a Program of This Type?

Restaurant operators must determine which features are of most importance to them when selecting a restaurant management software program. Many owners feel a program that lacks the ability for customers to make online reservations should be avoided. Other operators state guest wi-fi is of great importance. Online ordering should be considered when selecting software along with loyalty and gift card programs. Consider a program that also allows for mobile payments, self-order kiosks, and tabletop or server handheld tablets.

Some programs are very basic and offer none of the additional features, while others offer only a few. For this reason, individuals responsible for purchasing this software need to ensure they know what they want the program to accomplish before researching the options. This guarantees the right software is selected to meet the needs of the business now and in the future.

Why Are the Benefits of a Program of This Type?

What are the benefits of using a restaurant management system? Approximately 80 percent of restaurants use technology in their daily operations. This includes making reservations, online ordering, analyzing which menu items sell best, and tracking inventory. Dining establishments who fail to take advantage of technology tend to fall behind their competitors. No restaurant owner wants this to happen. The following are some ways the program makes routine tasks easier.

Tracking Sales

Every transaction is captured by the system. This includes orders taken by the wait staff, payments, promotions, expenses, and voided transactions. As a result, restaurant owners have sales data that is accurate down to the smallest ingredient and a better picture of the restaurant’s health and wellbeing.

Look for a program that alerts you to variances. For instance, order voids that aren’t authorized may be set to send an alert. This is done via phone, email, or through the system dashboard. In addition, the system may be customized to meet the needs of the organization. The owner can break the sales data down into categories that meet his or her needs, such as by payment method or customer name.

Create Financial Reports

Humans make errors. This is simply a fact of life. When a restaurant POS program is used, manual errors are eliminated. Every transaction comes with a timestamp and other details, which allows the owner to better track what is occurring in his or her establishment. Inventory and sales data are synced in the system while the CRM is updated. This ensures the integrity of the financial records, and they can be printed with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Better Customer Service

One reason every business needs a restaurant management system is it allows for better customer service. The system records things such as the customer’s name, contact information, and transactions. Consumers want personalized service today, and the system ensures this is what they get. In addition, many programs now offer a loyalty program to allow the restaurant to reward those who visit frequently.

With the right program, a customer can make reservations online, pay using a mobile device, and more. In addition, table-side ordering may be streamlined, which customers are sure to appreciate. Finally, a shared delivery network might be an option with some programs. This allows a restaurant to expand its customer base with ease.

Enhanced Data Access

Choose a program that is cloud-hosted and access the system and data anywhere an internet connection is available. Restaurant owners don’t have to be present in the establishment to obtain information about sales transactions in real time or track the performance of their employees. In addition, investors like having this information accessible before providing their hard-earned money. They can see exactly what is happening at any given time when a program of this type with cloud hosting is used.

Efficiency Regarding Staff Issues

Scheduling staff has never been easier when a restaurant management software program is used. The program determines peak hours and downtime, making it easier for the employer to determine when more staff is needed. Supply and demand will be coordinated and resources optimized when the program is used for this purpose.

Using this information, employees can be scheduled to ensure complete coverage. In addition, employees may see their schedule along with the schedule of others to avoid conflicts or the nonappearance of one or more employees.

Enhanced Communication

Many individuals engage with customers throughout their visit to the restaurant. This includes the wait staff, the cashier, and the kitchen employees. As so many individuals interact with the customers, mistakes are made. The information is mixed up or communicated to the wrong person. A restaurant management program can help to reduce or eliminate mistakes.

The wait staff inputs customer information into the system, including their order. This information is then transmitted digitally to the kitchen staff and the cashier. This ensures the items prepared for the customer are correct and the right amount is charged when the customer goes to pay.


A system of this type helps to cut losses in daily operations. Variances are no longer an issue or are greatly reduced. As a result, the restaurant owner makes more money. Vendors may allow the restaurant to connect to an online marketplace and delivery service network. This helps the restaurant owner scale operations without the worry of overheads that are seen when a business expands.

Types of Restaurant Management Systems

Now that you understand the benefits of using a restaurant management software, it’s time to learn more about the different types of systems currently available. While it is helpful to know the different features of each program, the type of program must likewise be considered.

End-to-end systems cover every aspect of restaurant operations. This includes inventory control, loyalty programs, staff and menu management, and more. Vendors frequently offer the option of purchasing the entire bundle or choose those features that currently meet the restaurant owner’s needs while allowing for expansion and scaling in the future.

Point-of-sale systems, in contrast, tend to be more basic. They provide the core POS module. The restaurant owner can then integrate this module with existing programs.

Mobile-device only systems are created to run on tablets making use of the Android or iOS operating system. Be aware that this type of system only works on one operating system to increase the reliability of the program. Keep this in mind when comparing programs to get the right one for your needs.

General point-of-sale systems are designed for retail operations. Although they can be used in a restaurant, it’s best to choose one that offers an add-on module created specifically for restaurants. However, individuals running an operation in conjunction with a retail shop often find this is the right option for their organization.

Other factors to consider at this time include the deployment of the program, scalability and the ability to use the program offline if necessary. The price of the different programs needs to be researched along with customer service. Don’t rush the process of selecting restaurant management software. When the right program is obtained, the restaurant benefits in every way. 

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