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What to Look For in a Custom Web-Based Software Development Company

The right web-based software can make any business more competitive and profitable. A single web app customized to suit your business’s needs and situation could boost productivity, cut costs, and enable exciting new ways of serving your customers.

The best way to be sure of enjoying such benefits is to choose a partner who has what it takes to deliver them. Custom software development can be difficult, and not every agency is equipped to succeed at it.

At netStride, our proven process consistently produces customized software that solves challenging problems and drives revenue higher. Read on to learn what to look for in a web software development company. Whether you choose us or someone else, you’ll be better positioned to leverage the business-building potential of customized software.

What to Look For in a Custom Web-Based Software Development Company

Look First for Dedication to Helping Businesses Succeed and Grow

Plenty of smart people have taught themselves to create customized software. It takes more than technical skill to produce web-based apps that make it easier for companies to do business.

When we take on new clients at netStride, we always learn everything we can about the challenges they face, their goals, and related details. Many other developers are happy to turn out software to preexisting spec, without the benefit of such context.

That too often results in software that nominally checks boxes but ends up being a waste of money. Companies are always far better off when their software development partners adopt a business-centered approach like ours.

Seven Traits of Custom Software That Makes Business Simpler

As a rule of thumb, any software development company that seems uninterested in learning more about its clients can be written off from the start. An agency that seeks to understand more about each business it creates software for can apply that knowledge in many helpful ways. That all-important information can be used to create software that will be more:

  • Cost-effective. Commissioning customized software is an investment like any other. We use cost-reducing technologies like proven open-source frameworks to keep our prices low. Knowing where our clients stand and how they operate allows us to choose the cost-cutting tools that suit each one the best.
  • An investment in customized software should serve your company well for a long time to come. Software that is designed to scale up as your company grows will never hold your organization back. Our web-based apps are designed to handle as many users as needed without additional spending. Our software architects ensure that new features can be added easily and inexpensively later on.
  • A customized web app that is not available when it is needed the most will quickly become a liability. Understanding how our clients will use the software we create helps us endow it with rock-solid reliability. Cloud hosting and proven software-as-a-service options give our applications enterprise-grade availability.
  • Many customized web apps are messy and confusing to use, making them far less valuable than they should be. By learning about the problems each app must solve, we make them as usable and intuitive as possible. We employ industry-standard technologies like responsive design to make our apps work perfectly with everything from phones to computers. Our cloud-hosted web apps can be used from anywhere an internet connection is available.
  • Customized software developers who work solely with static, pre-established specifications inevitably leave out features that could benefit their clients greatly. Our dialogue-focused process ensures that every possibility gets explored and assessed. Our clients often end up with customized software systems that are more powerful than they had believed possible.
  • Every business today has software it cannot do without. After learning about the software tools you use, we make sure the customized apps we create work with them perfectly. Well-integrated custom software bridges gaps and smooths over rough edges without disrupting existing arrangements that work.
  • Many software developers wash their hands of their projects as soon as they hand over the keys. Our Total Managed Support program reflects our commitment to helping our clients succeed over the long term. We publish updates and install security fixes as they become available and without requiring any downtime.

Customized web software that serves businesses well always excels in these important respects. When researching software development agencies, look into how each accounts for these issues. Whether that requires reading web pages or asking questions, every developer worth entrusting your business’s software to should show evidence of having thought a great deal about such matters.

The Proof is in the Process

Of course, any developer can claim to target goals like those above, even without really meaning it. Recognizing the importance of these characteristics is a good sign, but it takes discipline and determination to consistently hit all the marks.

Because of that, virtually every successful custom software developer relies on a carefully designed process to ensure regular, repeatable results. Asking about what to expect after you sign a contract will often reveal whether a development company will be able to deliver on its promises.

At netStride, for instance, we put a healthy amount of emphasis on the discovery stage of each project. The proposals and mockups that follow allow us to solicit valuable feedback and ensure that we are on the right track.

We keep our clients in the loop throughout the process of development, while always respecting the value of their time. Regular reviews of our progress and in-depth quality assurance work ensure that things always keep moving forward.

Any custom software company worth relying on should be able to explain its own process in detail. A process that seems to have been properly thought out will be a good sign in its own right. It should also reflect a commitment to delivering results that will account for and benefit your unique business.

A Rewarding Investment Awaits

Surprisingly many companies today do without customized software solutions despite having needs that are not met by the off-the-shelf options. One of the most common reasons for holding back is a fear that even finding the right developer to work with will be too difficult.

Keep the ideas detailed above in mind and you can choose with confidence. We take pride in consistently delivering customized web apps of indubitable value.